Here is way to much information you probably never wanted to know about me:

Things that I like a lot:

I like talking about Zach, the smell of clean sheets, tattoos, my wonderful family, and fabulous friends, the smell of fresh cut grass, stepping on sprinkler heads, needles going into skin….like tattoos, shots, or drawing blood (it’s weird, I know), going to the dentist, hats, vampire/werewolf/zombie stories/movies, kung fu movies, chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, sore muscles – because that means I did something to earn it (thank you CrossFit)! I like coke slurpees, because there is no carbonation in them – nope, I don’t drink carbonation. I love cold cloudy days, and I like snow. Sharks – not actually sharks themselves, but learning all about them, I guess (they are fearful yet amazing in many ways). I LOVE living in the Mountains. I may live in Santa Cruz now, but the Mountains constantly call me back. Not wearing any shoes – I might be the only girl in the world that owns more hats than shoes, but I’d much rather be bare foot. Pets – mine and other people’s. I love having my back tickled, probably more than anything in the world, and I could live off of popcorn and strawberries (not necessarily together, but they are my two most favorites). Handwritten letters, cuddling, the song that meadow larks sing in the morning, Black and white photography, History (especially US and European history during 1938-1948, and English history from 1400-1500, wild west stuff, and pretty much any history in general) fire places, love letters and grand gestures. I’m a sucker for computers/internet/techy/nerdy stuff – especially if made by Apple I like inside jokes, of course, hopefully you and I have them! Cheese pizza (thanks to Erin on this one). Keeping in touch (don’t be afraid to email me or call me, even if it’s been a while) with friends and family.

Things I like to DO:

Snowboard, travel, hike, wake-board, dance, find new adventures, skateboard, go rock climbing, go camping – (who doesn’t love sleeping outside and cooking with fire?), read – read – read, sleep in on Sundays, bake cookies and bread and other yummy stuff, take pictures, try to speak Spanish with out sounding like a total idiot, ride 4 wheelers or “quads” as they are called out here in CA (especially when it’s muddy). I love movies, making websites, and I beat people at air hockey (trust me, you don’t stand a chance). I cut off my split ends while talking on the phone, spin fire, and love to play volleyball. I organize and reorganize stuff (“Have you seen my…[insert noun here]…? Or did you organize it away”, I used to hear that from Zach all the time). I like to make scrapbooks. I jump on trampolines….yeah, I can do cool stuff on a trampoline. I like playing laser tag – especially if Jack (my brother-in-law) and Chase (one of my little brothers) play too (those two are pretty much GI Joe). I love hanging out with friends, going to flea markets and fairs, I like to watch live hockey – Go Sharks! I can always talk about religion, politics, relationships, and life – I rarely get tired of conversation. I like to wear comfortable clothes (sorry mom, I guess that means I’ll always be fashion challenged), roller coasters (I gotta warn you….I’m a screamer), and looking up at starry starry nights.

Favorite Movies:

First, and always at the top of my list is the Parent Trap – the old one with Haley Mills. Not the Lindsay Lohan one. I pretty much LOVE movies – just in general, so it has to be pretty bad for me not to like it. But some of those special movies that I could watch over and over again include The Sandlot, Grease, Last of the Mohicans, Resident Evil 2, Shaun of the Dead, The Gods Must be Crazy II, Dirty Dancing, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Love Actually, Monte Python and the Search for the Holy Grail. Anything with Johnny Depp or Christian Bale. Project Grizzly and the Grizzly Man…as long as I watch em with Zach and Stetson (another little brother). I always cry when I watch All Dogs go to Heaven. Always. I slept with the lights on for 3 nights after I watched the Exorcist (when I was 20). I really like movies that make me think, or that I find myself still mulling around a few days after watching it.

Favorite Books:

My all time favorite book is the Fountainhead. I’ve read it many times. Each time I read it, it’s like I figure out something new about myself. Other than that, I am CONSTANTLY reading. Sometimes it takes over everything. If you ever want a recommendation for a good book – ask me! I’m on Shelfari, so you can see what I read if you’re really that interested. Sure, feel free to stalk me online! :)

Favorite Music:

I like all music, but especially the kind that makes me want to shake my grove thaang!! Mostly I listen to Punk, Alternative or Classic rock. But when I’m in a mellow mood, I like to listen to Spanish guitar, Reggae, or classical music. I’ll be honest, I’ve never been THAT into music, I was always way more into movies (movie triva challenge, anyone?!) I think that classical music makes me smarter, even though I know that’s a myth. I love it when people I know sing, especially when they are performing. I can’t sing nor can I play an instrument, so I have a lot of respect and admiration for those who do. I love 80’s music, I’ll even admit to belting it out to country music when I’m alone. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas music. And that’s pretty much all I listen to from the day after Thanksgiving until New Years Day. I know that it bugs everyone around me – and to them I say….ba humbug!

Ready for the pop quiz?

Just kidding!